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top-5-components for Google Places Listing

The above info graphic explains the top 5 requirements for a good Google Places listing which in turn will give you great results for local search marketing.
Google Places is a very much overlooked tool for local businesses to get their brand out there and be found by people in your neighbourhood.
To add insult to injury, most business owners only put the necessary minimum details into their listing, while it is better than nothing, they really need to add as much information into this account to give you every advantage over your competition. Click the following link for more info on Google Places.

If you would like to get the edge over your competition then get in contact with DKG Creative by either calling them on 0409 290 989 or clicking the following link to learn more about search marketing.

3 Minute Lesson:
Why You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation

SEO servicesIt’s Time to Stop Hiding. You need to find out exactly what search engine optimisation (SEO) is and why it is so important for your company.

As soon as some business owners hear the term Search Engine Optimisation their eyes glaze over and the shutters come down.  They are just not interested. These tend to be the business owners who dismiss the Internet and try to ignore it, fooling themselves into thinking that it isn’t really happening.

On the other hand, there are some business owners who either find the internet too confusing or simply don’t think they have the time to learn how to promote their website online.

If you fall into the latter category, then we invite you to take a few minutes over a cup of coffee to find out what SEO is and how your business will benefit by attracting more customers.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is simply the process of optimising your website so that it ranks well on search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Enabling people searching for products or services that you provide to find you and buy from you.

So, let’s apply this information to your website:

Why Does My Site Need SEO?

You want your website to be found on the search engines by people looking for your products or services.  The fact is there may be thousands of websites out there all offering the same or similar products or services.  You want your site to stand out and be ranked above all of the other sites and pages so that the person searching online can find you.  The way you achieve this is by making your page or site relevant to what people are looking for.

When someone types a word or phrase into search engines (like Google) looking for your product, you want to appear on the first or second page of the search results listings on search engines.

There are literally billions of different websites that are relevant to the search query, but really, if your website doesn’t appear in the first 10 pages (or first 100 results), it’s virtually invisible to the world. Ideally you need to be on page one…or at worst, page 2. If not you will never be found because visitors very rarely go beyond page 2.

Why Can’t The Search Engines Find My Website Without SEO?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are very sophisticated but they still need help.

The developers are constantly working on and improving the technology behind the search engines so that they can crawl round your web site more deeply in order to give better results to the people using their search sites. However, there is a limit to how search engines can operate.

As a result the search engines reward the web sites that help them out with good SEO by promoting their sites above the ones that make things more difficult for their technology by not optimising their sites. This means that with the right SEO, you can attract thousands more visitors to your site, resulting in more sales, whereas the sites that don’t bother are hidden and buried deep in the results making it much, much harder to be found.

As the amount of sites increase on a daily basis, the internet is becoming even more competitive. The companies who perform SEO have the distinct advantage by being able to attract more visitors and customers.

Can I Do SEO myself?

The world of Search Engine Optimisation is very complex, but as we have hopefully just proven in the information in this short article, most people can easily understand the basics. Even a small amount of knowledge like you have gained today can make a big difference.

To be honest, there is a lot of information about putting SEO strategies into place available for free on the Internet. By applying some of the tips, you can make a difference to your search ranking.

It all depends on how much time you can commit to SEO on top of running your business. You also need a willingness to learn and have to have a basic understanding of how your website works.

You may decide, like many other companies that it is best to hire an expert to effectively handle your SEO instead while you concentrate on doing what you do best and running your company.

Whichever option you choose, the important thing is to do something….and to do it soon.

For a quick test to impress how urgently you need to take action, do a search online for your business. Don’t just do a search for your name, but type in the same words and phrases that potential customers might use if they were to look for products or services that you provide.

If you don’t appear on the first two pages then you desperately need to start thinking about SEO either by implementing some SEO strategies yourself or by using a professional company like ours. Give us a call on 0409 290 989 or email us today to find out how we can make sure that your site is seen by everybody who looks for products and services that you provide, so that they buy from you and not your competitors.

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Using a good Web Developer or Web Design Company will avoid the following mistakes

Don’t Make Your Customers Run For The Hills

Great news….somebody has visited your website.  Hurrah!  Perhaps they might buy your product or decide to use your services…but wait…oh NO!  They are leaving again. “What?” you cry, “They only stayed for 5 seconds”.  

Avoid blunders use a reputable web design company
Yes, they stayed long enough to be appalled by your website and then made a quick exit to one of your competitors.  If your site is not converting visitors to sales, then you might be committing one of these deadly mistakes:

1 Flash Driven Design

Search engines hate Flash driven design.  In fact they hate them so much that they will completely ignore your site no matter how pretty you think that it looks.

So what if it is clever and it contains beautiful state of the art design? Nobody is ever going to see it.  Google is just going to skip right past your site as if you are the invisible man.  And those millions of iPhone and iPad users who use their mobile devices instead of their desktops certainly won’t see it because they can’t see Flash on their phones.

It is pointless to annoy Google so much it chooses to ignore you.  It’s YOU that won’t get any visitors.  Just because you can add whistles and bells doesn’t mean that you should.

2 The Annoying “Welcome to our website”

How long do you think you have to grab your visitor’s attention?  Here’s a hint: It isn’t 2 minutes, 1 minute or even 30 seconds.  It is more like 10 seconds.  That is all the time you have, so don’t waste it with such a boring introduction.
Most people don’t like to read much on the online, so when they first visit your website they are probably just going to quickly scan it to see if anything catches their eye.  Why would you want to squander an already tiny attention span by reminding people which site they are visiting?  Instead, use an attention grabbing headline?

People should already know where they are just from glancing at the top of your site, where they should see your logo and a snappy tagline, or a short description of your site, so there is absolutely no need for stating the obvious with a banal “welcome to our website” message.  Yawn!

3 “We…. We… We… We… We…zzzzzzzz”

“We have a team of….”
“We plan to….”
“We have been in business for…..”

Sorry to sound blunt but. . . NOBODY CARES!

Visitors to your website are only interested in one thing: What is in it for ME?

If your site doesn’t answer this question pretty quickly they will leave.

Instead of just talking about you and your site or your business, imagine that you are talking one to one with one of your typical customers and “speak” to them as an individual.  Tell them how your product or service is going to benefit them.

4 Tech Speak

Every industry and business sector has its own tech speak and industry only words that nobody else understands.

Try talking to friends and family about Autoresponders, SEO and long tail keywords and you’ll see their eyes glaze over as they slip into a coma.

If you use words, terms and phrases that mean something to you but go straight over your visitor’s heads, then you are going to lose them.  We’ve already said visitors are going to scan over much of the content on your website anyway, so it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for them to be able to pick out and understand the main points from the bits that they do read.

5 No Clear Call to Action

As well as telling your visitors “what is in it for them”, your next job is to tell them what they need to do now.

It is absolutely pointless giving them great reasons why they should use your products and services, and then not tell them what they need to do next to get it.

You need to have a clear call to action AND make it blatantly obvious what you want them to do.

Do you want them to ring you up for a free quotation?  Then tell them!

However, telling them to ring you and then hiding your number somewhere on your website is another big fail.   If your call to action is telling them “RING US RIGHT NOW”, then make sure you put your telephone number right next to it.

Do you want them to click on the “Buy Now” button?  Again, you have to tell them, and then show them clearly where that Buy button is.

And don’t try to cleverly disguise the button or link.  Make sure that it is bold and clear enough for them to see what they need to press.

Never assume that your visitors will know what to do next.  S-P-E-L-L   I-T   O-U-T  for them.  Tell them what you want them to do.  If you make it difficult for them, then they will leave.  Yes, they probably could figure it out….but they won’t!  They will move on to the next site in the blink of an eye.

SMART Web Developer QUOTE :  

You invest a LOT of time and money encouraging people to visit your website.  So why scare them off by making one of these fatal mistakes?

Click the following link to learn more from a great Web Design Company

Choose the Right Local Search Marketing Company for Your Business, Then Get The Most From Them

Transforming your business into an online giant is not particularly hard. In fact there are literally thousands of companies out there to help you set up the perfect search marketing campaign. Unfortunately that is part of the problem. It can be daunting and confusing to try and find the right SEO company to work with and one you can trust to give you the results you are looking for.  

It is very disheartening to see small companies trying to make their mark online, only to throw their hands in the air and give up because the whole prospect of getting started and choosing the right company is too confusing.

But having an online presence is so important for your business, so here are some tips that will help you to find YOUR ethical, hardworking and successful Search Marketing partner.

Be Wary Of SEO Companies Promising Quick Results

SEO is a slow but very worthwhile process. (Search Engine Optimisation….it helps you get found in the search engines) Although we have seen certain websites go from page 20 to page one in just a few weeks this is very much the exception and not the rule.

Any company that promises you very quick results is either being dishonest or will participate in potentially damaging practices that will very likely get your website lowered or completely removed from key search engine rankings altogether. No company can ever tell you exactly when your site will feature prominently in the search engines as it depends on your business and the relative competition within it. However, the right company will do all the groundwork and hard work required to give you a solid and prominent ranking.  The results you will receive because of all of the extra traffic and customers will make it all worthwhile and highlight strong, well planned SEO services.  

Focus On Small and Mid-Size Search Marketing Companies

Larger SEO companies may look incredibly impressive, but working with a smaller SEO company means that you are more likely to work directly with the experienced SEO strategist who is customising your SEO campaign around your specific needs and goals. It is reassuring to have the personal touch from a smaller independent company who really cares about your business and with whom you can build a rock solid business relationship.

Link Building Quality Is Better Than Link Building Quantity

Links pointing back to your website are very important and search engines like Google decide how important your website is by determining the number of quality back links you have. There are numerous companies out there that will offer to get you a HUGE number of links for a very, very low price. This means that they are essentially going to put links to your site on websites that are of low or no value to search engines. These sorts of links could end up hurting your website rather than help you.

The emphasis for link building should always be the quality of the back links. A good rule of thumb is if you do not find the website interesting or relevant to your business, neither will the search engines.  It will not be worth your money using companies who use dubious linking methods and will only damage your business.

Beware Of the Sales Rep

A sales representative that works for a large SEO company doesn’t actually do the SEO themselves. They are paid a commission and will say or promise just about anything to get your business. That is their job – to get new clients. You always want to be able to speak to the person responsible for working on your website search engine results so that you can tell them exactly what you want to achieve and how they can personally help you.

Go With Your Instinct

If you get the gut feeling that the first local SEO company that you meet with seems the perfect fit and totally “gets” you, your business and what you want to achieve then go with your instincts. Don’t feel that you have to drag three or four more companies through the pitch just because you feel that you are “supposed” to shop around. By doing that, you will only delay the process of getting your website found online and lose even more potential sales. In a lot of cases, business owners get so daunted by the whole thing, they end up not choosing anybody and then they are back to square one again.

Be Willing To Make Changes

Let your local SEO company do their job. If you aren’t willing to take their SEO and search marketing recommendations and adopt them, why bother hiring them in the first place? Remember that they are working for you, not against you. Their aim is make your website and online web presence as visible as possible and drive a flood of new customers to your site.

Respect the SEO Company and Its Employees

The key to a successful and profitable relationship with between you and the SEO Company is mutual trust and respect. If both parties have that then you will reap huge rewards as they will do a terrific job for you.

Don’t Expect Upfront Work Before You Are A Client

You don’t work for free and neither do local SEO companies. By all means ask as many questions as you want about their process and what kind of results they propose to bring to your business.  You need to know that you have chosen the right search marketing company to help your business but you can’t expect a full SEO campaign to be created before your hire them.

Beware of “Yes” Men Who Take Your Money But Who Do Nothing

There are plenty of “yes” men companies out there who will say whatever it takes to get your money and then run off with it and not do any work. Your SEO Company should stay in constant communication with you, report the progress they have made and what kind of results you should soon be expecting. Don’t trust companies who trick you into a monthly fee then fob you off whenever you try to ask them what they have done during that month.

Those guidelines will help you to make a more informed choice and help you to choose a search marketing company you have confidence in to understand your business and do an effective job of promoting your website.

We are experts in our field and of course we would love you to choose us as we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you. So please give us a call first and let us show what we can do for your business.