Powerful Australian Web Hosting for your Business.

Our servers are Australian based. We believe that if you are an Australian business you should be hosted on Australian servers, so your customers are accessing your website locally at the best speed they can. Our planned maintenance downtime is in downtime for your business, that is, after hours Australian time. It just makes plain business sense to use Australian Web Hosting. DKG Creative also believe that if your business requires hosting, then that hosting should contain everything you need to do business now and into the future. The problem we have seen around the various hosting companies is that they attract you with a price that does not compare apples with apples. What I mean by that is …

  1. Australian Web Hosting Fact 1
    Not always is the amount of web space clear. The customer will find that they have filled their web space up in no time flat and have to pay more for a very small increase in web space. A lot of hosting companies make a lot of money out of moving you along in small increments of web space and increasing their monthly fee each time. Like I said earlier, they get you in on a great no fuss deal only to find that everything is extra once you’re in and committed.
  2. Australian Web Hosting Fact 2
    Databases are often charged as extra for a monthly fee, on top of that cheap starting price.
  3. Australian Web Hosting Fact 3
    Bandwidth is often charged, and the excess charges can scare you. It’s crazy, the whole idea is to get your website popular and have lots of traffic coming to it so you can make money from your online business, BUT if you do achieve this you run a high risk of exceeding the allocated bandwidth for your account??
  4. Australian Web Hosting Fact 4
    If you require support, the english used from some foreign hosting companies will most definitely challenge you. There is also the problem that when you are given assistance, the explanation can be a mutant form of high tech gobbledy gook and you are expected to know what it is they just told you.
  5. Australian Web Hosting Fact 5
    Some Hosting Companies claim to be Australian Web Hosting but in fact are an Australian Company that hosts off-shore.

All you need is in our Australian Web Hosting.

Our servers have everything you need to do business on line. No hidden costs.

Click here to see the features of our Australian Web Hosting servers …
Unlimited Data Transfer <> Unlimited Email Accounts <> Unlimited Email Forwards <> Cloud Hosting <> PHP, MySQL, Frontpage <> Optional ASP, .NET, Access <> Easy Control Panel (CPanel) <> Web Site Stats <> FTP File Access <> Spam & Virus Protection <> Hosted in Australia – A TRUE Australian Web Hosting company <> NO Hidden Fees <> FREE Fantastico Apps <> FREE Setup <> FREE Support

Our 3 Australian Web Hosting Packages are only distinguished by the amount of Web Space you get …

  1. 25 GB Web Space
  2. 100 GB Web Space
  3. Unlimited Web Space

There it is, Australian Web Hosting with everything you need to do business online, transparent, nothing hidden, and the price won’t scare you either.

Bottom Line… Get great RELIABLE Australian Web Hosting that won’t cause you problems at very competitive prices.

What Our Clients Say

I recommend DKG Creative to those wanting a site that is aesthetically and functionally pleasing. I also rate Gary Pudney’s service highly.

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