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DKG Creative look far beyond the cosmetics of your future business website because the 20 plus years of experience enables us to know that your business website design is only a small piece in the puzzle and that there are many other influencing elements you need to be on top of for your business website to be a success.

Business Website Design Coupled with Powerful Marketing Tools

Having a professional look for your brand online is important however it is useless if there is no plan to your business website. DKG Creative ensures there is a sales/lead capture funnel integrated into your business website to give you a constant flow of leads. Isn’t that what a business website is all about? We have an enormous amount of plugin modules we can call upon to enhance your business website with the right marketing and customer retention tools for your unique business. We certainly don’t put every business into the same pigeon hole because we know that your business is unique, there’s not another business like it, and you require a unique solution for your business website.

DKG Creative’s 20 plus years experience online is willingly shared with our clients to ensure that you are comfortable using your website administration area, and that you are savvy with what the latest online trends are as well as you know enough to help your website improve ranking every time you make an edit to your business website. DKG created a Global Client Area which is a 24/7 online resource for our world-wide client base. You can login any time and watch tutorial videos or reference pdf fact sheets or read the members blog to keep you up to speed with your online business. We don’t just support our websites, we actually support our clients which we feel is our biggest point of difference to our opposition.

What Our Clients Say

Everyone has a gift and yours is to assist People with their business growth and your talent is to express them honestly on the web.
Thank you Gary and DKG, you have helped me in more ways than I thought possible and it was easy.

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