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Ecommerce Website (Shopping Cart) Examples

If you are wanting to sell online then please don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s just a matter of adding a shopping cart to your website as you may be in for a nasty surprise. The problem with undertaking an online shop is that no two ecommerce websites are the same, every business is unique and demand different goals as well as your product can sometimes also demand special requirements.

A Good Ecommerce Website or Shopping Cart allows for all the unique variables your online business will need.

Some overlooked factors a good Ecommerce Website Design may be required to cater for are …

  • Having multiple payment methods including an option for “pick up from store”
  • Automatically calculating freight while adjusting for store discounts
  • Making digital downloads secure from link theft
  • Having the ability to temporarily disable purchase buttons until stock is obtained
  • Interaction with an Australian Bank and not just the standard payment gateways offered
  • Be able to offer product variations such as size and colour and adjust product pricing accordingly
  • The ability to disperse product orders to specific departments with an alert to head office
  • Manage products in multiple web stores from a central admin

DKG Creative build ecommerce websites (aka shopping cart) for Australian requirements, many shopping carts on offer are USA catered for. We know Australians have our own unique requirements, our own Australia Post for delivery is a good case in point. Try linking an off the shelf shopping cart to Australia Post and see how you go. DKG Creative can also hook your payments directly to your Australian bank if you require. Australia’s GST is just another unique Australian requirement example, as well as our sizings are different from USA etc…
DKG Creative also loads 100 products into your shop at NO EXTRA COST so you have a start if loading your products is something you want to do. We also support you in the operational area of ecommerce website with tutorials and tips in our 24/7 online training resource.

What Our Clients Say

When you use DKG Creative expect the unexpected. You will get results from your website through his determination in caring for all his customers.

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