Small Business Website

Small Business Website Design Examples

If you are chasing a small business website design for your business because you only want a couple of pages but you still want to have an effective online presence then you have come to the right place.
DKG Creative can build a small business website with up to 6 pages at very competitive prices. You will be surprised!

Small Business Website Design with Added Fire Power

Having a small website doesn’t mean you have to miss out on powerful marketing tools to promote your business, as far as DKG is concerned every website we build must be armed with the tools for success on the web no matter what the size or price point. Our mission is to build successful business websites that create leads for your business because powerful performance and results are our benchmarks.

DKG Creative don’t just build your site, take your money and move on … that’s not our style! We monitor your site for 3 months after handing your business website over to you and then we setup an Audit Meeting with you where we sit down and show you what has been happening on your site. We measure the visitors to your site by the terms they found you in search results and we analyse this against the number of enquiries you received over that 3 month term. We explain all this in plain english and we will offer you a solution to either maintain your good rankings and traffic or how to get your website on track if your website is not performing to your expectations.

What Our Clients Say

Gary brought many innovative marketing ideas forward during our first meeting. His prime goal was to gain maximum exposure for my business & to ensure sales conversion was as high as possible.

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