Advice When You Are About To Order A Website Under $1000

DKG have been working with small local businesses since 1997 and we would like to think that we have the local business owner at heart whenever we deal with them or offer advice. We know exactly what hurts the local business owner and when it comes to shortfalls keeping a business website up-to-date we are fully aware.

What we consistently see that scares the hell out of us is that local business owners seem quite happy to save money on a new website and they engage a computer company or a designer or a print company to build their new website. Firstly, DKG is all for saving money too and we know price is an important factor in any decision making these days, but what I don’t get is how a local business owner thinks a computer IT company, designer or printshop are going to build them a website that works. If ever there is a time for a business website to be required to function at the top of its game it is NOW. I want all local business websites functioning as they should be and bringing in targeted leads on a regular basis, and not to be vulnerable to hacking, and they should be ranking well in local searches for their products and searches, so I only ask you all if you are considering a new business website regardless of who you think you might be engaging to build it to simply do some due diligence and ask them the following questions …

What keywords do you think should be my main keywords?
How do you know these are my main keywords?
I don’t want to hear that this new website will be search engine friendly (everyone says this), tell me will I be ranked highly for my main keywords, and how long will it take?
What are you doing to ensure my business websites gets indexed in Google?
Will you be regularly checking with Google to ensure my business website is tracking well?
How do you check with Google to see the status of my business website and please don’t just say Google Analytics?
Will you be using AMP technology on my new business website?
What sort of support do you offer after website handover and for how long?
Will my business website be truly responsive and be able to be viewed in ANY device?
How fast will my web pages load on desktop and mobile?

Now as you can see from those questions they are not what your average computer it, graphic designer or printshop person would know a lot about but in fact these questions should be asked and able to be answered off the cuff as this is just every day knowledge to a web developer who spends every spare minute he or she has keeping up with Google updates, latest technologies, vulnerability news, ecommerce and marketing products so we can ensure that our clients get what they pay for and know they will get a true return on their investment.

To all those computer IT people, graphic designers and printshop people I apologise if I offend, you may actually know all of the above, and I am sure some do. My message today is for local business owners to value their next business website and do some due diligence so you will end up with a great website, after all, let’s be honest, you as a local business owner is going to be expecting this new website to churn out fresh new leads on a daily basis and perform many marketing tasks as well regardless of the few pennies you paid for it.

Give the web developer a go!

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