This stupid coronavirus is causing a huge problem for so many people…

Businesses are literally being forced to close their physical doors.

Business owners are now panicking because they have no idea how they can keep their business running.

Restaurants and retails stores are currently in big trouble.
Many of them have been forced to close their doors.

This has left many business owners totally freaking out, because they have no way to make sales right now. No way to sell their food, merchandise, and so forth.

Yoga Studios, karate studios, gyms, therapists, tutors, most of them have been forced to close.
They are losing money every day.


DKG have a solution!

Don’t Just Sit There And Accept The Situation.  Do Something!  Adapt To Your Situation And Get Your Businesses Operating Again!

Our core market is small local businesses, and we know that right now you are hurting.

We have decided to offer a low-cost fix to your problem.

For Food Stores we have an online shop so you can sell your food online, get paid and deliver it to your customer.
For Studios, Gyms, Tutors etc.. we have a website with a membership area where you can sell monthly access to your exercises etc..,
you can even “live-stream” sessions to Facebook.

We are offering to build these sites and put your content in for you for just $500 AUD.
That’s right just $500 AUD gets you back in the game!


But I don’t have a domain name or a website …

That’s OK, we will get you a domain name and hosting for 12 months at no charge!

I have a website, why would I want two?

If your website is made in wordpress then we can add ours into yours at no charge!

So how can we get started?

Click the BUY button below, pay $100 AUD deposit, we will contact you and gather up your information and begin building your Business Revival website. When we are finished we will invoice you for the balance $400 AUD.

Please Note: We are building these fully functional websites at below cost, the whole idea is to get as many local businesses who have had to shut their doors back in the game. We are keeping things simple so we can help lots of businesses. If you want extras and all the bells & whistles we can do it for you but there will be a charge for this.

Crisis Package

One Website (or addition to existing website) of Online Shop for food or retail, or Members Area & Streaming to FB for studio, gym, tutors etc..


*This is your deposit to secure your package.
After build you will be invoiced for the balance payment of $400 AUD