Page Load Speed

While most local business owners are just trying to get on with doing business and trying to get ahead Google continue to roll out updates that determine where sites rank in organic search. Google have been taking interest in page load speed for a while now and depending who you are listening too will vary how much influence on your organic search results page load speed will affect you.

From what I can make out of all this is that the slowest loading websites will lose any organic ranking they had, but at this stage it’s not going to play a big part in determining your rankings. However, common sense will tell you that if your web pages are taking a while to load then the odds are very high that your potential web visitor is going to bail out anyway and probably end up at your opposition’s website. So with that being said you should address any concerns of slow loading pages right now before it gets out of hand. Drop us a note by clicking on this link if you have concerns and want DKG to assess what is required and sort it out for you. We will assess it and give you a quote for us to fix it for you, we will even tell you how to go about improving speed yourself if the budget is a bit tight. Either way it is in your best interest to talk to us about it.

Want to check what Google thinks about your page load speed?
Go here and enter your website to get a rating.
What did you score? Feedback I have been getting on this suggests your desktop should be 75 or above, and your mobile should be no less than 65, but obviously the higher the score the better.

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