Why should you be Interested?

Actively posting on social media platforms is a great way to not only promote your brand but engage a devoted following. If done correctly you not only have an attentive audience but a follower that is highly likely to recommend you to their friends. Receiving web visitors from your social media following increases your conversions for leads and/or sales.

What campaigns do we offer?

We have no set plans available as every client tends to have unique requirements for specific targets they want to reach. We tailor-make every social media campaign around each client. If you want some idea of pricing we can suggest campaign prices would start from $300/month.

What features do you offer for social marketing campaigns?

  • A selection of 10 different social media platforms
  • A selection of posting schedules
  • A selection of posting frequencies
  • A selection of advertising mediums we use
  • Ability to set rules and guidelines for audience interaction
  • Ability to set rules and guidelines for following
  • Option to mix postings across different social channels
  • Hashtag selection
  • Ability to set campaign targets

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