We Help Local Business Owners

In a typical month DKG Creative helps small or local business owners by …

  • Making edits and updates on client’s websites who participate in our Monthly Maintenance Plans
  • Rescuing declared “dead” websites and bringing them back to life so they are back in Google search results and collecting targeted leads
  • Creating powerful business websites from scratch that not only perform but are a true representation of the new owner’s brand and culture
  • Gaining better results and more visitors for our clients who participate in our Rapid Local SEO monthly campaigns
  • Submitting new clients to Google My Business, Google Maps and top authority Citation Sites
  • Cleaning up bad or negative reviews online
  • Connecting our clients to our News Syndication Network of 300 social sites to gain maximum exposure
  • Doing a Website Makeover by creating a new fresh design and adding some power tools to enhance marketing and lead generation
  • Adding an Ecommerce Online Store to clients websites so they can sell products and services and collect payment straight away
  • Speeding up websites so clients don’t lose customers
  • Performing FREE site audits for clients and the general public so website owners get an unbiased report on the “state of play” of their business website
  • Converting non-performing websites on mixed platforms over to WordPress and ensuring the site gets indexed into Google’s search results
  • Adding Newsletter Marketing to our client’s websites so they can expand their marketing efforts
  • Cleaning up wrong information on Google and/or Citation Sites so our clients don’t get penalised for inconsistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone number)
  • Creating custom Social Pages such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.. for our clients
  • Performing SEO Audits with Client Competition Analysis so clients can plan SEO strategies
  • Setting up Facebook campaigns for clients
  • Creating Press Releases for Clients
  • Creating videos for client promotions
  • Creating videos and performing Video SEO where your video comes up in normal text search
  • Animating our client’s logo for videos and presentations
  • Giving advice to clients in regards to expansion online and proposed plugins to use
  • Providing keyword lists to clients so they are aware what people are looking for and where the client is ranked, this is great help to increase traffic and to help rankings
  • Building up our Client Training Area so clients have tutorials to help them with online business
  • Running our Support Desk to help clients who have issues

DKG Creative would love to help your local business too!

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